Austrian authorities arrested  Mr. Bond on charges of copyright infringement and (most importantly) “Promoting Nazi ideology” (a crime that has seen past offenders serve anywhere from 33 months to 5 years!)

UPDATE (5/20/2022)

Send commissary directly to Philip (via bank wire):


NAME: Philip Hassler

ID: 175.335

DOB: 28.12.1984


IBAN: AT210100000005460023


1082 Wien
Wickenburggasse 18-20

We are not sure (at this time) what limits exist for commissary balances.

Per the appeal, we are hearing the process can take up to 6 months (we will post any/all updates here).


UPDATE (4/27/2022)

No word yet on the appeal process, we expect updates in this regard very soon.

The T-shirt shop has been shut down, as far as we know anything ordered up to this point will still be shipped out.

Hoping for more updates soon.


UPDATE (3/31/2022)


Phillip Hassler (aka Mr Bond) was sentenced today to 10 years in prison.  His brother, Benjamin (in an unrelated case) was sentenced to 4 years.

We will stay in contact with Bond’s attorney, and keep you updated on any sort of appeal process.

As discussed on this podcast, a portion of the funds collected has gone to the attorney; current (and any future) funds raised will go toward commissary and an interest-bearing DAI account (or something comparable in crypto) for post release.

We pray for the Hassler brothers’ safety, sanity, and for (hopefully) a quick release/appeal.

[COURT UPDATE] (3/4/2022)

March 29, 2022 @ 9:30AM

Regional Court for Criminal Cases Vienna Landesgerichtsstr. 11 1080 Vienna

While proceedings are open to the public, it is unclear if these proceedings will be streamed or made available via Zoom or over the phone.

A portion of the Bond funds have been wired to attorney: Dr. Martin Mahrer (3/4/2022).  We expect to wire more in the coming weeks.  A portion is being set aside for commissary needs and for a general fund for Bond himself (the latter of which is collecting interest in DAI).


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This page is maintained by TEKNEIN , Shill-Killa Linney (and many others active in helping to reach Mr. Bond and/or his representatives).

ANY/ALL funds raised will go directly to assist in the legal defense of Mr. Bond, or to him and his family during this time.

“An attack on one of us, is an attack on ALL of us!”

Over 100 cryptos accepted via the CoinPayments link (page bottom).

UPDATE (12/13/2021)

[Forwarded from Linney]
*Statement and Release Of Document*

December 13, 2021

Update On Mr. Bond:

As most of you are aware of by now, Mr. Bond was arrested on January 20, 2021 in his home in Carinthia, Austria. He is still awaiting trial as I type this. I would like everyone to know that I am happy to inform you that contact has been made with both Philip (“Mr. Bond”) and his legal defense.

It was not an easy task whatsoever, obtaining his information so we could find him. Even then, trust had to be earned, and the understanding of our intentions to help Philip had to be made clear.

Ten months later, I have written to Philip and have received a letter from him back. I have established as much trust as one can hope given the circumstances with his lawyer.

We do not take this situation lightly at all, and trying to decide what information should be released wasn’t easy either. After many discussions with the others that make up #team freemrbond, and Philip’s lawyer, the decision was made– I was entrusted with a 32 page long PDF file of Philip’s “Anschuldigungen” or “Accusations” file. Meaning his indictments. What this man is facing is absolutely horrifying.

We understand that many of you have wanted to help out, and maybe even donate– but have been hesitant to because until now, we have been unable to provide any proof that we’ve been in contact with either Philip or his legal defense. While this hesitation was understandable, the information in this “statement” should lay to rest any doubts you may have had.

Philip H is Philip Hassler, and he was first taken to the Klagenfurt prison, then transferred 10 days later on January 30, 2021 to the Josefstadt prison in Vienna, Austria. He has a birthday coming up on the 28th of this month as well.

Whether you like his music or not, he is our brother. A man who has committed no crimes, he simply made parody songs and used satirical undertones the same as other musicians have done. Only they aren’t sitting in a prison cell facing up to 20 years. Imagine that for just a moment… imprisoned and looking at a prison sentence sometimes actual murderers don’t even get…

To keep this from turning into a novel, we are asking you for your help. Not for ourselves, but for our brother, who has a name, a family, and a home. Who is guilty of no crimes other than being able to think outside the proverbial box, and using artistic expression and humour to convey these thoughts. Was he aware of the risks? Sure. Does that mean he deserves the consequences? No, it means he put his love and passion for music and for his people – us, and what he felt it conveyed before his own life and freedom. He believed it was worth the price he is now paying. That alone speaks volumes about the honor Philip has. And honor is loyalty.

As loyal fans and supporters, we hope that you will not only donate whatever you can, but also help us spread this message as far and wide as possible! And to as many people as possible!
Even if there are some that don’t and won’t appreciate his music, hopefully they will be supporters of freedom of speech, artistic expression, and freedom of thought. The most basic human right and basic human nature- thought.

If you have any questions, concerns, etc…please don’t hesitate to reach out, contact information below.

“An attack on one of us, is an attack on ALL of us!”

Thank you,
Shill-Killa Linney
Along with many others….
[email protected]


100% of all profit from this poster @ will go to the #freemrbond fund!

past updates

Efforts to reach Mr Bond, his family, and/or his representatives are still ongoing.  ANYONE who feels they can assist us further in this effort please reach out on Telegram or email us directly.  Some progress has been made, but we should be careful not to publish anything officially until we are 100% on our sources.

As per the funds collected to date, they will be allocated to the appropriate representatives if/when we are convinced we are in communication with the right people.  This entire process is very slow and agonizing.  Our hope is to get these funds to Mr Bond in an effort to assist in his current legal situation- however, if we are unable to contact his legal representation, we are confident that these funds will ultimately reach him in some way: be that post trial (by means of commissary), or post conviction (by means of him ultimately contacting us personally).  I would MUCH rather get these funds to him or his people NOW, and getting as many people aware of this effort is the best way to do so.

Share-share-share!  And again, if you can in ANY way assist our efforts, please contact us!

TEKNEIN (telegram) @teknein

Linney (telegram) @ShillKilla